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Brown Butter Cranberry Tart

the urban baker: Brown Butter Cranberry Tart

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Brown Butter Cranberry Tart

First night of Hanukkah and we are actually invited to our Rabbi's house for dinner. The kids are intrigued and excited. Although his wife had asked me to bring "nothing", I insisted on bringing dessert ( am guilty of not going anywhere empty handed - it makes me uncomfortable). I packed up a large box of the chocolate gingerbread stars, picked up some Sufganiot (mini jelly donuts-a holiday tradition) and made this Brown Butter Cranberry Tart (recipe here).

I was having breakfast with my friend Daryn (she and I had written a book together in 2001) and she had mentioned that she had made this dessert from Food & Wine for her Thanksgiving feast. She gave it rave reviews and I trust her taste in food. I ran home and pulled it off the Internet.

The crust is not your typical crust. It is more like a shortbread crust, light and flaky, buttery and yummy. This is a wonderful treat.

Next time I would add the cranberries right before serving. It would also be delicious topped off with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream!

p.s. sorry for the lousy photos. It has been raining here and I like to use natural light for all my photos. Will have to make it again just to photograph it!



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