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Boxes, Bows and Packaging

the urban baker: Boxes, Bows and Packaging

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boxes, Bows and Packaging

For me, presentation is everything. The cookies inside the box can be good but they are not great unless they are presented well. I spend lots of time (and extra loose change) on ribbons, boxes, tissues, bags,
anything that adorns a box and gives it a life of it's own.

I have received many personal emails regarding my resources. I have tons. However, I have a select few that I frequent and adore. With the holidays around the corner, this would be as good a time as any to share my resources:
this is my favorite place to buy boxes. I personally
like: - all colors - all sizes

I also love their ribbons (the grosgrain)
these are more expensive, but the colors are really great. especially in the Spring.
I like their cellophane, their coffee bags (
these are great for caramel corn, small cookie gifts
candy, etc. I don't like the ones with the windows
They have really expanded their ribbon inventory.
I had fun recently buying some of their new
ribbons. Also, their prices on large shipping boxes
are really good.

Crimped Paper Shred is a good alternative to
Styrofoam popcorn for filling creates, tins, boxes
( ).
the best ribbons, evah!
just check it out. such fun stuff. the best colored tissue
you will find anywhere!
tins, you have to buy in bulk so piggy back it with
some friends

I hope this helps.
Happy baking!!

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