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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Mitch has been obsessed with Bend, Oregon for two years.  I was sick of hearing Bend this, Bend that so I suggested we check it out.  We choose Thanksgiving week to hit the road!  Our Journey begins in Sacramento...

Visting the Capitol.  The boys were into it!

Yeah, there is a town called "weed".  We were tempted to buy the "I love Weed" shirts.  But we didn't.

Levi's first snow experience.  He loved it.

I know, I see the grey in my hair as well.  We got back into town and I made sure that was the first thing I took care.  
Stopping in San Francisco on the way home for one reason only; to eat at TARTINE bakery.  Probably the best bakery in the U.S.  When visiting S.F., Tartine is a must.  If I could, I would eat there breakfast, lunch and dinner.
waiting patiently for it to open

enjoying pastries and hot chocolates

There is nothing better than starting your day with a hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant!


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