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Matzah, Matzah and more Matzah

the urban baker: Matzah, Matzah and more Matzah

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Matzah, Matzah and more Matzah

My kids are frustrated.  They are not digging the whole Passover traditions and they want their "bread". They like their breakfast's which means they like their pancakes, waffles, turkey bacon sandwiches and their bagels.  It is hard to tell a 3 year old that he cannot have Cheerios-the most basic of all foods.  He just doesn't get it.  So when he throws a temper tantrum in the middle of the kitchen, I just go with it.  I totally understand.  I get it.  I don't like being told that I can't eat what I want.   

With that said, I am forced to be creative.  Today I made blueberry smoothies and matzah brei pancakes. My hubby loves my matzah brei, has for the past 31 years.  Actually, he savors this time of year.  He can eat his matzoh and not feel totally guilty.  Matzah brei is similar to french toast.  Yet, instead of using bread one uses matzoh.  

The kids on the other hand will have nothing to do with it.  They will eat matzah and jelly or matzoh and butter, but the matzah brei thing, I can't get them to try it.  It really is so good.   I usually make it in a big pan and make it "pancake style".  However I make it the size of the pan and then break it apart.  I tried something new.  I made them small little silver dollar pancakes.  Put them on a plate and gave them a side of syrup.  Yum, yum, right?  They didn't buy it.

I ended up eating the whole plate.  Needed a 4 mile walk and a colonic when I was done eating them.   It is delicious but you need to eat 4 bowls of fruit with it, just to keep you balanced.

Anyway, my husband and I continue to love my Grandma Rose's matzah brei.  I even use her grater to grate my onions.  I don't use this tool for anything but matzah brei

I don't measure anything, but here is how easy it is:

2 eggs beaten
2 - 1/2 egg shells filled with water(about 4 tbls.)
1/4 onion -grated
4-6 matzahs broken up into pieces
2 tablespoons matzah meal
salt to taste

Put all in a bowl and mix up.  Let sit for a few minutes so the matzahs absorb the liquid.  

Heat a fry pan and add butter.  Put mixture in the pan and let get golden on one side.  Once golden, flip, add some butter and let 2nd side get golden.  

I like mine with raspberry preserves.  Mitch likes his plain.  Some people like it with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top and some like it with apple sauce.  You decide.  




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