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Mini Blueberry Turnovers

the urban baker: Mini Blueberry Turnovers

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mini Blueberry Turnovers

I am enjoying Carole Bloom's cookbook,  Bite-Size Desserts.  I love making little morsels of goodness and do so often.  And now, having a book, dedicated to this genre is somewhat addictive.  I find myself flipping through the book which immediately inspires me to create.

When I read this recipe it seemed easy enough.  I had been wanting to make some kind of turnover for sometime, but for some reason never found the time. When I was pregnant with Eli, my first son, I craved anything with a cherry filling.  I would often find myself staring at the bakery case searching for the cherry desserts. Most of the time I had the will power to just stare.  Yet, still managed to gain 45 lbs!

I had everything in the pantry to make these triangular treats, so I went for it.  I made the dough the night before.  After the dough had chilled in the fridge, I decided to roll it out and cut it and let it sit, in the fridge(covered w/plastic wrap) on a parchment lined baking sheet, overnight.  When I woke the next morning the assembly was easy.

The next morning the kids woke to the smell of fresh pastries.  I saved a few for my mother-in-law and the left overs went to friends.  It was the perfect combination of fresh blueberry's, lemon zest and just enough sugar, but not too much.  These were best eaten the day that they were baked.  I loved this dough so much that I am going make another batch of dough and try and make homemade "pop tarts" for the kids. Those should be a big hit!


Anonymous Dimah said...

Your turnovers look delicious and tempting!

May 11, 2009 at 12:16 AM  

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