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Mini Sour Cherry Pound Cake

the urban baker: Mini Sour Cherry Pound Cake

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mini Sour Cherry Pound Cake

I was at my son's book fair at school today and I marvel at the women who put this whole fair on.  They clean out the library, they unpack the numerous boxes of books, they set the whole thing up and they do this all on their own precious time.  We have a book fair two times within the school year and both my boys love it.  They actually look forward to it.  They start saving their allowance weeks in advance and plot out what they are going to buy.  I love supporting our school!

I decided today, aside from the obnoxious heat, that I was going to bring them breakfast in the morning.  As I am wanting to bake most of the recipes in Carole Blooms bite-size desserts, I choose a "mini pound cake".  I choose it for two reasons; 1)  I had all the ingredients in the house and 2) it looked yummy.

As I was making the batter, the boys got involved. One wanted to lick the spatula, one wanted to lick the paddle attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer and the other  was content with the mini ice cream scooper I use to make uniform little cakes.  

What gives these little cakes their unique taste is the nutmeg.  Now, that is just my unprofessional opionion, you be the judge.

This is a fun book.  I am really glad I have added it to my collection!


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