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Change is already here

the urban baker: Change is already here

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Change is already here

Tuesday, November 4th was a great day.  Mitch and I went to the polls early in the morning and the energy, while waiting in line was electric.  Everybody felt really, really good with what they were about to do.

The next morning, Wednesday, I dropped Levi off at pre-school and on the way home, people were honking their horns, smiling, rolling down their windows to talk as one waited for the light to turn green.  It was quite remarkable.  I think everyone, for the past 8 years, has been walking around, existing with a dark cloud surrounding them.  The current administration has left us all feeling hopeless and now, the new president-elect re-energizes our future.

I have three young boys.  When I think about their future, I (in the past) had felt sad.  When I went to college, back in the day, there was so much opportunity waiting for us when we graduated.  We could do and be anything.  I worked for a while in the entertainment industry and upon leaving I turned my creative hobby into a somewhat successful little business.  September 11th changed a lot for us and I feel, due to what was in power, we lost our momentum.  

That is all about to change.  The energy all around me has changed and it feels really great!  I feel hopeful for my kids and my friends kids and all those kids out there that I don't even know.  


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