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Jacque Torres Saves the Day

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Jacque Torres Saves the Day

Eli, being a 5th grader and the big man on campus, has lots of privileges and lots of activities.  One such activity is taking their "little buddies" on a picnic.  Each 5th grade class is assigned to a kindergarten class.  The older kids are paired up with the little ones and they meet once a week to read together, play together and work on projects together.  

The highlight of the year, is venturing out and doing something special.  This year it was going to be a picnic at the park, during lunch time.  Oddly enough, sunny California, didn't prove to be so sunny.  On the day of their picnic, it rained!?!  The picnic was reassigned to Eli's classroom and instead of running around the park on a beautiful day, the kids were laying on the rug with pillows and blankets, watching Hotel for Dogs

Even though the kids were happy enough, just being together, I felt as though they needed a treat.  I baked a double batch of one of my favorite chocolate chip cookies.  I found this recipe a year ago and other than Lexi's favorite chocolate chip cookies, I don't really bother to make any other any other chocolate chip cookies.  

What I love about these cookies is that the recipe calls for bread flour and pastry flour.  I truly believe it makes all the difference in the world!  The kids loved them so much, they kept coming back for more, however I didn't have enough to go around for seconds.  Won't make that mistake again!

This same recipe was also posted on the Martha Stewart Living website.  The increments are slightly different.  Don't really understand why.  I kind of like the N.Y. Times Magazine post slightly better.  However, you be the judge.


Anonymous Lisa! said...

Susan- how can you NOT weigh 300 pounds?

June 14, 2009 at 6:53 PM  
Blogger A & W said...

Oh I loveeee this cookies! Made them a few months ago and I have to agree, the cake flour/bread flour combo is to die for. It makes the best texture for cookies I have ever had!

June 17, 2009 at 5:38 PM  

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